Notes From a Border River / Robert Powell

Notes From a Border River (40 pages) was published by AmosLAB in July 2020. It is inspired by Robert Powell’s collaborative project ‘Voicing The Bridge’ on the Irish border in 2019, with artists Jan-Erik Andersson and Eileen Hutton. Supported by Irish artists, musicians and performers and funded by the Finnish Institute London, ‘Voicing The Bridge’ focused on the border river Finn, and in particular the extraordinary bridge at Clady, County Tyrone, to consider the theme of ‘freedom of movement’.

Notes From A Border River is a mix of poetry, diary, and imagery, tracking the project as it developed during the troubled Brexit negotiations of 2019. It also aims to share something of the creative process – how the poems Powell produced emerged from encounters, walks, research, and happenstance.

Notes From A Border River is a companion-piece to ‘Voicing The Bridge’, Jan-Erik Andersson’s film from the same project. Voicing The Bridge

Robert Powell was born and raised in Canada and now lives in York, England. He has produced four poetry collections and two short films, including Source with Jan-Erik Andersson. He was awarded an Honorary Fellowship by the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) for his promotion of the role of the arts in place-making – a key part of the AmosLAB ethos.